Ingrid’s Garden Seedlings

Growing heirloom and rare seedlings organically
for the Denver Metro community.



Growing garden seedlings for local Denver gardeners over the past few years has been a delight. I have grown thousands of organic, heirloom and rare seedlings each spring in my small urban backyard in northwest Denver. Over the past few years, my own garden has expanded, I’ve added a chicken coop and chicken “yard” (and of course, chickens!), and my space for growing seedlings in the spring has gotten smaller and smaller.

In the spring and summer of 2013, my family will undertake a remodeling and landscaping project that will help us utilize the space we have (both inside and outside our home) more efficiently. With all the changes this project is sure to bring to our routines, I have decided I cannot grow seedlings this year. I do intend to grow plants in the future, but some changes must happen first to make room!

My best wishes to you for a successful garden,

~ Ingrid